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About us

Swan Maternity was established in 2016 by wife and husband, Carissa and David. While pregnant with their third child, Carissa was inspired to provide moms-to-be with long-lasting, stylish clothing. She wanted to redefine maternity clothing so it would function well after pregnancy.

The resulting boutique provides a variety of clothing that accommodates pregnancy and nursing, rather than just being made for it. That means the clothing is so versatile that you can enjoy it before, during, after, or even without pregnancy at all!


The story behind our logo

A swan’s beauty is only amplified by her desire to mate for life. In choosing a partner, her neck and his move closer together and begin to touch in a heart shape. At that moment a lifelong commitment to one another begins. After laying her eggs, the swan stays with them until they are hatched - approximately 6 weeks! Her mate feeds and protects her during this time.

That undeniable beauty and commitment represents who you are while experiencing your pregnancy and caring for your newborn baby. Just like a swan, bringing a child into the world is the most precious time of your life. Our aim is to help you mirror that incredible experience in how you look and feel about yourself. You deserve it!

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