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The spring is such a beautiful season, blooming with new life and renewed energy. The snow melts away, buds begin to show, you put away your winter gear, then…BAM! Snow again! Oh, spring. You can be such a tease! You just never know what weather you will encounter from one day to the next. It can be anything from summer-like blue skies and beaming sunshine to rain, sleet and snow. It’s so important to be prepared so you can stay comfortable in all weather conditions. We’ve got you “covered” when it comes to pregnancy in spring, with some helpful tips for managing your wardrobe with the many weather changes.


Shorts & Capri’s – Some spring days can have you convinced that summer is finally here. With your blooming bump you might feel that you need some help cooling down. Let those legs breathe with a cute pair of shorts or capri’s!  


  Ripe - Shorty             Séraphine - Zita             Ripe - Isla                 Séraphine - Jackson


SkirtsSkirts can be dressed up or down depending if you want to wear them to work or just in the back yard. Flowy or denim, you can mix and match them with a fancier top or a basic tee, leggings or tights! Skirts can fit right into any look you’re going for!


  Ripe - Short Skirt        Angel - Ponti                Angel - Stripe             Séraphine -  Dana        

Dresses – One of the most exciting things about spring is being able to put on a cute spring dress! From springtime weddings, to walks in the park, to your office, styles and colours are endless, allowing you to find a perfect look for you! Many dresses are so functional that they’re even suitable for nursing your baby! Some awesome dress pairings are maternity tights, layering with cardigans, making the look your own with a stylish belt over your bump, and finishing off the style with an incredible teething necklace that will later provide lots of teething relief for your baby!


Cluke Creations Necklace, Gebe Dress,  Ripe Belt


Tops – Tanks & tee’s are awesome to have in the spring. They are perfect to be worn on their own over a pair of leggings, shorts, capris or skirt. When the temperature dips, throw them on with a pair of longer leggings or pants, and pair the look with a cozy knit! Check out this tee from Angel Maternity that also has a hidden zipper for nursing your baby, post-pregnancy!

Angel - Hidden Zipper


Leggings – Whether full-length or capri, who can deny the comfort of leggings? Whether wearing the leggings under a long top or tunic, or even under a dress, you can make sure to keep comfortable and warm when the temperature takes a plunge.


   Ripe - Basic               Ripe - 3/4 Length         Ripe - Yoga


Tights – There aren’t too many spring days that feel hot enough to go bare-legged under a dress, so keep a bit of the chill off, and your legs looking fab, with a pair of maternity tights. These tights from Gebe and Séraphine are designed to fit with a growing bump so they will fit comfortably at all stages of pregnancy.


Gebe - Tights      Séraphine - Tights                        Seraphine - Tights


Pants – You don’t have to put your stylish and flattering jeans away on the hot days! A fantastic idea for springtime is to get a pair of super-comfortable under-bump pants or jeans. We know that through the winter it’s comfortable to have a pair of high, over-bump jeans so we feel like we have a warm and comfortable hug over our bellies. When the going gets hot, you will want to roll that band down to give you some relief from the heat. That’s totally not a comfortable or flattering look. You can get through that springtime temperature roller coaster by pairing a pair of under-bump jeans with a tummy band for cooler days! This tummy band from Ripe gives you that comfy, warm feel in the chilly, damp weather, then take it off when the heat rises! We love this versatile way to make your jeans work through all seasons! Under-bump jeans are also a fan favourite for post-pregnancy comfort.

9 Fashion - Mendoza              Ripe - Tummy Band


Jackets – Let’s face it. As much as some days feel like you can forget about a jacket for months, other days can leave you wet and cold. We want to make sure you can keep happy and comfortable when the April showers arrive. Of course, those showers do mean May flowers, after all! Keep your rain jacket ready, and make sure you can still zip it up over your beautiful belly, by adding in a jacket extender! This jacket extender from Make My Belly Fit zips right into your favourite jacket! You can even snap in an extra Warmth Layer for the really chilly days. After your bundle of joy makes his or her debut into the world, you or your hubby can use the jacket extender when wearing your baby to cover babe and keep them warm and dry!


Make My Belly Fit - Jacket Extender

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