Have A Special Pregnancy - Doula Experience & Pregnancy Keepsakes

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Hi mamas!

My name is Sarah Langridge, I am a wife, mom of two wonderful children, and I have been a birth Doula in the Orangeville area for 14 blessed years!

It was 2002 and I was due to have my first child in two weeks when my doctor said, "I'm going on vacation for two weeks; you will be seeing another doctor." I panicked. I had given him my trust and didn't want another doctor! I had only briefly heard about Doulas, so I looked it up. There were only two in the area that came up on my online search, so I contacted one of them and we met about three days later. She was wonderful; very calming and knowledgeable. I felt like I could trust her with my wishes, keep the room quiet and dark, provide positions to help, and give my husband ideas to help me. With me 17 days overdue, and my mom in her final days of cancer, we decided to induce and 13 hours later I delivered my daughter. I couldn't have done it without my Doula. She kept me on track, and believing in myself when I thought I could not go on any more. She gave me the information I needed, and translated what the doctors were whispering about. My husband was as strong and supportive as he could be, but he could never experience what my body was going through. My Doula understood and helped on a level that my husband couldn't, but without getting in the way of that important connection.
I knew being a Doula was what I was meant to do. Two weeks later, my sister-in-law invited me to attend her delivery. With my newborn wrapped securely to me, I attended my first birth, and it was a beautiful experience! Since receiving my training I have seen many changes in the options for women in our community who are giving birth: some local Obstetricians have retired or passed away, our community has welcomed the midwives, and I've seen more couples choosing home births. As a Doula, I have supported VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarian), young moms, experienced moms, moms of all shapes and sizes, C-sections, fertility and in vitro births, home births and hospital births. I have also supported clients through the extremely difficult experiences of stillbirth and miscarriage.

In addition to being a Doula, I'm also pleased to be able to offer creative mementos - belly casting and memory pendants. Mamas can have these keepsakes to help them remember that beautiful time of pregnancy! For the belly casting services, there are many different poses you can choose, and the cast can be decorated simply or very creatively. Memory pendants can hold any tiny memories you have: a first curl, placenta or umbilical cord, babies heartbeat, the ashes of a loved one (human or pet), flower petals from a special bouquet, snips of material, even breast-milk!

I really love working with and supporting the moms (and partners) in my community: giving them a voice, helping them to have the information and strength they need for the kind of delivery they want. To be invited into a birth space is an honour, and creating pieces of art and memories to mark the occasion is so very special! Please visit my website, contact me with any questions, I would love to chat!




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