Exercising While Pregnant

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By Tallon Martin

Personal Trainer


Before you start an exercise program while you are pregnant you should always consult your doctor, but for the most part there are very few negatives to exercising while pregnant.  Exercise can actually help diminish some common discomforts you are faced with during pregnancy and it can also help prepare your body for labour.  Your body is going through some major changes so we want to exercise to avoid exercising to the point of exhaustion, high impact exercises, contact sports and anything with excessive twisting.  Your body creates an amazing barrier to keep your baby safe, but there is no need to really push yourself in exercise, you’re main goal should be to prepare your body for labor and recovery after child birth.  This is also not a time to exercise with the goal of weight loss!

There are many benefits to exercising during pregnancy and they can include reducing back pain, increasing energy, improving your mood, posture and sleep!  Adding such things as prenatal yoga is a great low impact form of exercise that will help increase blood flow, and strengthen the body.  Squats are also a great way to strengthen your lower body and it also helps open your pelvic outlet which will allow for a more smooth descent of your child. 

Exercise is one of the best ways to take care of your body and during pregnancy we need to focus on taking care of our body.  Not only is it a vessel for your child during its early stages of life, but we have only one body during the span of our life.  The more we take care of it the better suited we are in the recovery process and for your next pregnancy (if that happens to be in your plans).  Take it slow, but try adding in a form of low impact exercise and see what benefits you gain, but once again if you are unsure, please speak with your doctor


SWAN SAYS - "Don't forget your comfortable leggings and a basic top for your workout!"


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