Why should I buy new clothes just to wear for a few months?

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In the many months (or years) after your beautiful bundle enters in the world, it is almost certain that your pre-pregnancy clothes will not fit comfortably. Even if you haven’t gained much weight on top of weight from the baby, other bodily changes can happen which change the shape of your body. Most new moms continue to wear maternity clothing long after the baby is born, so they can continue to stay comfortable. If you truly want your new stylish clothes to last even after (or if) you return to pre-pregnancy shape and size, there are some key things to look for when selecting your maternity clothing:

  • Ruching – Those fancy bunches of fabric at the side of your top or dress aren’t just stylish. Not only do they look great on almost everyone’s silhouettes by hiding imperfections, they are also designed to open up to accommodate a growing bump, and curl back together once the baby belly is gone. Check out these images showing our Isabella Oliver top on a pregnant and non-pregnant body.
  • Pleating – Similar to ruching, pleats are meant to open up and allow your belly to expand, then fold back down after you’ve had the baby. Check out this Angel Maternity dress worn with and without a baby bump.

  • Slits – Side-slits are made to allow the fabric to open up further. This is an Angel Maternity knit that is shown during and after pregnancy.


  • Ability to wear for nursing – If you plan to nurse your baby, why not opt for a dual-purpose maternity and nursing top or dress? You can find many quality maternity clothing items that are designed to be worn during your pregnancy and to nurse your baby, though, they may not be easy to spot! Many items have hidden flaps and zippers that you wouldn’t even know about by looking at. That means that after you finish nursing, or if you don’t end up nursing your baby, you can still wear the items as regular tops and dresses!


  • Quality – As with anything you purchase, if you want your item to last, choose quality. When it comes to maternity clothing, that means quality of material and stitching. It’s important to look at, ask about, and if buying in person, feel the fabrics.

This will actually save you money in the long-run, since you can continue to get lots of use out of your maternity clothing and not have to buy multiple sizes of non-maternity clothing as you adjust out of your pregnancy shape and size.


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