I don’t think I’m quite ready for maternity pants, but my jeans are getting tight. How can I transition more comfortably?

Posted by Carissa Carleton on

Even before a true baby bump forms, the bloating and discomfort can begin. Some find that their clothing gets tight almost as soon as they get their positive test. Some women can’t wait to get out to get their new maternity clothing, and others may not feel ready to make changes to their wardrobe. That’s okay! We have some tips to help you ease the transition.

  • Under-bump pants – These give that extra stretch without feeling like you’re wearing maternity pants. They are the perfect way to maintain style without sacrificing comfort, and are perfect for wearing in the many months and years post-pregnancy.

  • Tummy Band – This great item allows you to wear your current pants undone, giving you the extra room you need before you change over to maternity pants. They work by covering the waistband of your pants to hide the open button, and look like a camisole peeking out. They hold tightly in place so you don’t have to worry about your belly being exposed.

  • High-band pants – If you buy maternity pants early in your pregnancy, you may find that high-band maternity pants with an adjustable waistband will fit comfortably. They feature an adjustable, elasticized waist with a button (just like children’s pants) to last you throughout your pregnancy and afterwards.

  • Dresses – If pants are getting tight, why not opt for a maternity dress? Dresses can function well without a bump, and maternity dresses are designed to accommodate your bump as it grows.
  • Leggings – Leggings are comfortable in any state, and maternity leggings are even more so. They give that extra stretch you need, whether high-band or under-bump style.


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