Are there any other uses for maternity clothing, other than just maternity wear?

Posted by Carissa Carleton on

It’s a common misconception that maternity clothing can only be worn while you’re pregnant, and that you’re investing in items that will only last you a few months. We can tell you that is most certainly not the case!

Under-bump jeans are far more comfortable than regular jeans in everyday life. They allow for the normal fluctuations of weight gain/loss and bloating while staying comfortable and stylish. This means you can get the stylish look of jeans with the comfortable feel of leggings! Win-win! We think all pants should be made this way! You don’t need to be pregnant to sport these awesome jeans, just practical ;).

Not only are under-bump jeans great to wear every day, we have also had customers of all ages purchase under-bump and high-band maternity pants and jeans to wear post-surgery. These ladies want to keep looking and feeling great while recovering from surgery, and not have to live in sweat pants.

Another fantastic product that is very helpful during pregnancy and afterward is the Make My Belly Fit Jacket Extender. This ingenious item zips right into your existing jacket so you don’t have to buy a new coat to fit your belly. It can also be used to extend the jacket over the baby carrier when mom, dad, grandparents, friends, or whoever is carrying your baby. It also has an optional Warmth Layer for those extra chilly days.

So many great maternity clothing items are also designed to be used for nursing your baby, so they’re actually dual-purpose. Check out the nursing section on our website to see all of these great multi-use items.


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